To enable us to implement our outreach and education strategy to increase awareness, reduce the stigma of Huntington’s Disease and help find a cure, please help us by making a tax-deductible donation via the Documentary Australia FoundationThank you.
If you have any questions about our outreach and education strategy, please contact:
Michelle Hanna, Impact Producer, Sydney:


Thank you to Judy and Dave for letting us into their private world.

Thank you to my brothers.

With thanks to and in memory of my Grandma Valmai Lyon

Thanks to Ryan Edwards for composing a special song for us

Thanks to Park Road Post for giving our documentary so much attention

Special Thanks to our Supporters:

Michael Zilibowitz • Richard & Diana Faull • Danielle Einstein
Heather Keith • Andrew & Tracylee Arestides • Jane Robertson & Michael Thompson
Terry & Beatrice Nuthall • Tate-Davis Family • Harold Bulmer & Family
Heather & Kevin Tate • Clement Loy • Emma Hay • Jane Fleming • Etienne Leguil
Andrew Scott-Howman • Rose Draper • Simon & Kay Brown • Bill Gardner & Lorraine Borland
Peter McCaw • Bonnie Low • Dennis & Angela Haswell • Kevin O’Donnell
John Leighton • Helen Jackman • Lawrence Smith & Anthea Williamson • The Dow family
David Stubbs • Sandy Horton • Jolyon Hoff • Julie Green & Frans Vandenburg • Trish Dainton
Andy Tate • Karen Scott-Howman • Catherine Bennett • Ruth, Alan, Bede & Ari
Madeleine Hetherton • Anika Hillery • Jonathon Green • Margot & Graham Moore
The Bellamy family • Graham Taylor • Team RAD • Joscelyne O’Flaherty • Daniel Millar
Matt Cooper • Jocelyn & Nigel Humphreys • Fiona Pearce-Burrows & Dave Burrows
Nick Macdonald • Craig Davidson • Natsu Kawakami • Emer & Warrick
Park-Fullerton-Smiths • The Wood family • Jill & Roger Harden • Kristen Elsby
Lisa Temperton • Mark Lapwood • Robyn Thayer • The Poore family • Damian McDermott
Nicky Marshall • Kevin & Mary Temperton • Colleen & Bob Horton • Kate Hanan & Steve Unwin
David J Sime • Barb Besutti • Andy Fuller • Steve Barr • Genetic Health Service NZ
Tania Cotter • Dorothy McCormick • Therese Alting • Chris Matthews
Sally & Ed Whitmarsh-Knight • Tom Kelly • Debbie Maclaine

Special thanks also to
Jeanette Wiggins • Gavin Mouldey
Michael McCormack • Margaret Murphy

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